As a boxer when you are in the ring, you have to stay moving throughout the game. Apart from this, your daily training will be extremely intense so you will be burning a lot of calories. Most people claim that they have lost a lot of weight within just the first few months of their boxing training and after losing so much weight they are finding it hard to retain their healthy weight.

Boxing Performance

Most of us live a very passive lifestyle so when we opt for exercise or shift to a simple workout that requires us to burn some extra calories, our body struggles with it. As a result, we not only lose weight, we sometimes find it hard to stay energized enough to train.

This is very common in people who have been living a very passive lifestyle especially if you have a desk job where you have to sit for long hours. Since you will not require to move too much, your muscles will become weak. However, getting in the ring will eventually help you strengthen your muscles. To make it possible you will need a good diet as fuel so you can see better results.

With the help of this article, we will talk about two of the main elements present in our food. We will compare the use of carbs and how it affects our body and the use of protein and how it can impact your performance. We will also analyze what kind of diet is ideal for boxers.

Boxing Performance

How Protein Helps The Body Of Boxer?

Protein is known to be the building block of almost all our organs. Our tissues, flesh, muscles, bone, hair, and even our nails are made of protein. In fact from blood composition to synthetic enzymes, hormones, and catalysts everything is made of protein in one way or the other. For a boxer, protein plays a very important role because protein helps with healing and recovery.

Without proper consumption of protein, the boxer will not be able to recover and this will have a long-term impact on the body of the boxer as well. As a boxer, you go through an intense training where your body cells go through extreme wear and tear. Eventually, you will need a good amount of protein to help your body heal properly. Without the consumption of protein, you will lose muscle and your body will not have enough strength to carry out intense training sessions.

Why Carbs Are Important For The Body Of a Boxer?

Carb is made of simple sugar and a long chain of sugar collectively make complex sugars that are equally essential for the body. Since boxing is linked with strategy as well as brain and body coordination, it is very important to stay energized. If you do not eat enough, this might impact your overall health and the function of your brain.

Most countries use carbs as their staple food, from maize, wheat, potato to corn and barley, there are so many different ways you can attain carbs from food. Most boxers feel that since they are taking a protein-only diet they will be able to function better, however, a protein diet is good for just a few months.

After a few months when the body doesn’t have enough carbs, the brain starts to shut down. Since the brain only uses simple sugar as an energy currency, carbs are essential for brain function.


What’s Better For Better Boxing Performance?

When it comes to food, everything that we eat has its significance. If you end up missing protein your body will lose muscle and your hair, nail and skin will become dry and brittle. Similarly, if you miss carbs you will not be satisfied mainly because carbs take longer to digest.

Within half an hour, you will start to feel hungry again. People with a lack of carb-based food report mood swings, anger issues, frustration, confusion, weakness, and dizziness. To avoid all these issues it is very important to have a balanced diet.

Even if you want to have a high protein diet, this will not mean that you can cut off carbs entirely from your meal. With the help of carbs, you will stay energized throughout the workout and you will not feel hungry easily.

Take Away

To sum it all up, our food consists of seven main elements, and all elements are very essential for the growth of our body. Most people focus on protein-based food because it helps them stay active and agile. On the contrary, a heavy carb diet can make you lethargic which can impact your health and your performance in the ring.

Boxing Performance

Although most proper prefer protein but if we look at the importance of protein and carbs in our diet, both play an equally important role. Without carbs, your brain might not get the necessary sugar that it needs for proper functioning and you will eventually feel dizzy, frustrated, and angry. Most people complain that without proper carbs they feel hungry all the time even though they have consumed a lot of food already. This is one of the very important reasons both protein-based food as well as carb-based food is important.